Dear Customers,

We wanted to keep you updated in relation to the ongoing developments regarding delays caused by the pandemic.

Unfortunately, while conditions are constantly changing this is placing new delays with regards to our manufacturing and logistical partners in the arrival of new releases to our store.

Recent developments are as follows:

Our manufacturing partners have placed some limitations in relation to the amount of pre-order products which can be manufactured. Pre-order items which are being effected by these limitations will contain a limited production warning within the title of the product and pre-orders may close as soon as that limited production quantity has been reached.

The Government has introduced a restriction to protect the health of workers and prevent the spread of the virus, this restriction comes by the way of limiting the amount of people that attend a workplace everyday. Due to this our international packing team are now working on less staff and therefore this is delaying the shipments leaving our international distribution centre.

Logistically we are seeing a slowing down of shipments as they pass through different countries and borders which all have their own pandemic related safety measures in place. This is leading to the estimated arrival times provided to us by our partners being extended by 5 to 7 working days and is subject to change as new safety procedures are being introduced to various countries.

As we continue to adapt to this changing environment we are placing some updates to our store to make things easier to understand. Those customers whom have pre-order items which are due to arrive in stock soon we have created a new order status “awaiting stock”. This new status will represent that the shipment containing your pre-ordered item is currently in transit to our store and once it has arrived your order status will change to “processing”. We will continue to provide relevant updates to our customers via email whom have pre-ordered items which are due to arrive soon and will send updates to all customers where we have been informed of a manufacturing or logistic delay.

We would like to say thank you to everyone’s understanding and patience during these difficult times and we are looking forward to the day that things get back to normal.

As always, if any customers have any questions in relation to existing pre-orders please do not hesitate to contact us and one of the team will be sure to help.

Updated – 1st September 2021.